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Hand luggage

All baggage, including hand luggage carried into the cabin, should be presented at the check-in.

For your own safety and the safety of your fellow passengers, you must never leave your personal belongings unattended, entrustsuch items to other people, or transport unaccompanied baggage on the request of third parties.

Checked baggage accepted by Somon Air, is marked with a baggage tag and loaded in the aircraft hold.

If requested, the passenger can declare the value of checked baggage. The Carrier will determine the amount of fee to be charged for transportation of this baggage. The declared value must not exceed the actual value of the baggage. All items accepted for transportation as baggage with a declared value must be properly packed to ensure its safety and security during transportation.

Additionally,passengers are allowed to carry the following personal items:

Documents of value and business papers, passports and other documents, medicines, fragile items, jewelry, precious metals must be carried in the hand baggage.

The free baggage allowance on Somon Air flights is determined depending on the route andtravel class.

There are two systems of baggage carriage:weight concept and piece concept. The weightconceptsystem determines the baggage weight norms for the free baggage allowance.

The free baggage allowance for adults and children over two years of age, stipulated by the airline, is in full compliance with international standards and for most destinationsis as follows:

Baggage transportation in the business class — 30 kg;
Baggage transportation in the economy class — 20 kg;

For some destinations, increased baggage allowances are established; therefore, when purchasing a ticket, make sure you know the baggage allowance valid for your particular route. For more details, follow the link

The piece concept system determines the standards for the number of pieces of baggage that a passenger can carry.

Passengers can take unchecked baggage (hand baggage) up to 7 kg into the cabin for economy class and 10 kg for a business class, with dimensions not exceeding 55x40x25cm.

Excess/oversized/overweight baggage

If a passenger’s baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, excess baggage rates are charged. Somon Air fares for excess baggage allowance can be found here.

Please select the route from the list.

Excess/oversized/overweight baggage is accepted for transportation only with Somon Airapproval. Note: Somon Air has the right to refuse to transport oversized/overweight baggage. When purchasing a ticket,please make yourself familiar with the conditions of transportation of such baggage.

If a passenger wants to carry oversized, fragile or valuable baggage (including musical instruments) on a separate seat in the cabin, with a total weight of up to 75 kg per seat, he/she will need to purchase a separate air ticket.