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Musical instruments

On Somon Air flights, musical instruments can be carried on board as hand baggage, secured in an extra passenger seat, in the hold of the aircraft or as cargo.

As hand baggage

Small-sized musical instruments (for example flute, violin) can be carried in the cabin under the norms of hand luggage. Please make sure they are properly packed in a hard case and placed in the overhead bin. The weight of the musical instrument including its case should not exceed 7 kg (15 lb.). If the music instrument is larger and heavier, you’ll have to option to buy an extra seat.

Hold baggage

Musical instruments with dimensions exceeding the norm for transporting baggage on board should be carried in the aircraft hold, packed in a hard case. The general rules for checked free and excess baggage transportation will apply. If you prefer to carry a large musical instrument (for example, guitar, cello, keyboard etc.) in the cabin, you will need to purchase an extra seat.  A musical instrument including the protection case shall not exceed 75 kg, and shall not have dimensions above 120 x 50 x 30 cm.

For more details on transportation of musical instruments please contact the company office or our representatives at the airports of departure. You can find their phone numbers following the link.